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Top 12 Worship Leader Conferences


Attending worship conferences provides an opportunity to learn from others, be refreshed, and see how other worship leaders navigate the joys and challenges of that role. Investing in yourself by attending a conference helps you return to church the following week with new ideas and solutions to issues you may have dealt with for years. Additionally, taking your team with you strengthens team relationships and allows you to spread out amongst various sessions during the conference.

We’ve compiled a list of twelve conferences for worship leaders that can offer that time of refreshment and inspiration (in alphabetical order):


1 – Calvin Institute of Christian Worship: Symposium on Worship

The annual Calvin Symposium on Worship is a three-day conference sponsored by the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship and the Center for Excellence in Preaching.

The conference brings together a wide audience of artists, musicians, pastors, scholars, students, worship leaders and planners, and other interested worshipers. People come from around the world for a time of fellowship, worship, and learning together, seeking to develop their gifts, encourage each other and renew their commitment to the full ministry of the church.

Upcoming Conference Dates:

  • January 24-26, 2019 Grand Rapids, MI

2 – Calibrate: The Worship Team Event

One of the most underserved segments of the church staff is the worship department. We are not talking specifically about one organization, what we are talking about is the community of Worship Pastors and staff. Notice we use the word “Pastors” because the Worship Pastor and his staff are responsible for creating an environment that is conducive for people to connect with the body of Christ. It is biblically commanded that the community come together and worship.

This is not a songwriter symposium or a creative conference. This is about discipleship, why Worship Pastors and teams do what they do, and how they connect each and every day.

Upcoming Conference Dates:

  • February 25, 2019 – Dallas
  • February 26, 2019 – Denver

3 – LIFT

LIFT is a time to gather together to learn, grow, and be refreshed in your gifts with other creatives without the restraints of leading others. These days will include main sessions with teaching and worship, as well as breakouts ranging from leading worship to production to other creative themes and topics.

Upcoming Conference Dates:

  • May 10-11, 2019 – Atlanta, GA

4 – National Worship Leader Conference

The National Worship Leader Conference (NWLC) first began in Austin, TX back in 2007 as an event to bring the training found in the pages of Worship Leader Magazine to life. Since then it has become an inspirational and informative gathering, that brings together musicians and songwriters, movers and shakers, theologians and scholars across the global worship community.

Upcoming Conference Dates:

  • May 20-21, 2019 – Brentwood, TN

5 – MxU Live

A one-day FOH mixing event for the engineer, the musician, and the creative.  During MxU Live, we’ll spend time comparing our different mix methods, discuss why some styles seem to work in a mix…and why some don’t. Expect to spend quite a bit of time listening and watching our different mixes get crafted (and deconstructed) in this one-of-a-kind setting.

Upcoming Conference Dates:

  • May 20, 2019 – Chicago, IL
  • September 16, 2019 – Orlando, FL

6 – WorshipGod Conference

At this conference, you’ll have the opportunity to expound, extol, exult in, and enjoy the glory of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, through music and the Word. You’ll return home knowing better why Jesus is worthy not only of our songs, but our affections, our attention, our very lives.

The conference includes breakouts, panels, and conversations that will speak to your heart, your theology, and your skills. They’ll also have giveaways, free lunches, open rehearsals, and, as always, an atmosphere that is less about professionalism and production and more about faith-filled participation.

Upcoming Conference Dates:

  • July 31-August 3, 2019 – Louisville, KY

7 – Sing! Getty Music Worship Conference

The Getty Music Worship Conference – Sing! exists to help pastors, musicians, and leaders build a Biblical understanding and creative vision for congregational singing in their churches. Bringing together speakers and artists from many traditions and walks of life, our desire is to encourage churches towards a deeper, more dynamic view of theology, artistry, and mission in congregational singing.

Upcoming Conference Dates:

  • August 19-21, 2019 – Nashville, TN

8 – Experience Conference

Scores of worship leaders from around the country and across denominational lines gather each year at Experience Conference, one of the largest worship conferences in America, to connect in community with one another, get equipped with key resources, and become empowered to see how God might use us to change the world.

Upcoming Conference Dates:

  • September 3-6, 2019 – Orlando, FL

9 – WFX Conference & Expo

The WFX Conference & Expo offers solutions relating to training and education for today’s church. This three-day experience provides church teams with hands-on training, real-world solutions, networking, and more importantly, the inspiration that you need to grow your church community. There’s something for everyone on your ministry teams with five individual and targeted conferences, covering tech arts, facilities, communications, safety, and security, as well as worship.

Upcoming Conference Dates:

  • September 17-19, 2019 – Orlando, FL

10 – Worship One Day

Gather with hundreds of people from around the Northwest region for one impactful day of worship, learning, and connection. Anyone involved in music or tech in the local church is invited, regardless of their title or role on the team. If you find yourself in a dry season of ministry, this conference is a place where you can be refreshed and inspired. If you feel alone or isolated where you serve, this is the place to connect with others and be encouraged. No matter what in what season you find yourself, this is the conference for you!

Upcoming Conference Dates:

  • October 19, 2019 – Tacoma, WA

11 – Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference

A two days, three nights gathering of the creatively gifted ones; the prophets and the poets; the artisans and the producers; humbly hosted by Hillsong Creative.

Expressed through Co-Labs; innovative circles of thought leaders; small and large gatherings; Midnight Massive; friendships will be forged. Together telling the story of Jesus and making creativity the center of God’s Church today.

Upcoming Conference Dates:

  • October 23-25, 2019 – Sydney, Australia

12 – The Christian Musician Summit Conference

Providing practical training & resources for musicians, leaders, technicians, songwriters & indie artists to improve skill and inspire talent for God’s glory.

Upcoming Conference Dates:

  • October 31, 2019 – Tacoma, WA (Intensives)
  • November 1-2, 2019 – Tacoma, WA

BONUS – Calvary Chapel Association – 2019 West Coach Worship Conference

This conference offers six main sessions taught by pastors from several Calvary Chapel ministries, worship led by musicians with unique styles, and four sessions of workshops covering a wide variety of topics. This conference will be rich with resources for worship leaders and band members, tech teams, audio/visual production, creative production, and much more.

Upcoming Conference Dates:

September 5-7, 2019 – Chino, CA

Worship leader conferences provide an excellent opportunity for inspiration and learning from others. In addition to participating in various sessions, you’ll gain even more out of the event if you take the time to interact with other attendees. Find out how other churches are creating an environment for worship and how they’ve overcome any challenges you’re currently facing. There’s no need to go it alone – learn from conference speakers and from fellow worship leaders.


Lauren Hunter
Lauren Hunter
Lauren Hunter is a writer who loves the big picture of God’s journey we are all on together. In 2007, she founded ChurchTechToday, a website for pastors and church leaders to harness technology to improve ministry. Married to her high school sweetheart, Lauren lives in Northern California with her husband and their four children. Her latest book is Leaving Christian Science: 10 Stories of New Faith in Jesus Christ. She can be found online at


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