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Capture Summit is a three-day conference for church filmmakers who want to refine their craft as Christ’s storytellers.

Capture Summit Announced: July 25–27, 2022 in Duluth

Capture is a 3-day conference of intense immersion in filmmaking, streaming, IMAG, and video production. 

If you are part of the team that helps your church visually communicate the message of Christ, then this conference is for you. 

What to expect at Capture Summit 2022

At Capture 2022, you’ll find the answers to the following questions:

– How can my video production center around the stage and the studio—simultaneously? 

– How can I navigate all the changes in worship style and tell The Story even better? 

– How can my team tackle the power of streaming media? 

– What will the most potent church filmmaking look like moving forward?

In discovering the answers to these questions, you’ll strengthen your team’s filmmaking skills and capabilities. And you’ll go home a better storyteller.

What’s new at Capture 2022?

Capture Summit has also added a number of excellent new elements, including pre-conference workshops and an evening Church Filmcraft Festival screening of select film submissions. 

Capture 2022 also features fresh faces among its instructor lineup and keynotes; special production, FOH, and staging tours of 12Stone Church; more demos than ever before; and extra time for critical connection and exuberant worship.


Lastly, the Capture Summit is now in its sixth year and is still centered on the Bible verse: 

“Jesus spoke all of these things to the crowds using stories. He did not say anything to them without telling a story.” Matthew 13:34

This year, Capture Summit will be held July 25 – 27, 2022 in Duluth, GA. Registration is available online.

Are you going to Capture Summit 2022? Let us know in the comments.

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