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6 Money-Saving Tech Tips for Your Church


When we think about saving money, we often consider cutting back on staff, benefits, or reevaluation of purchases. These options may seem feasible, but there are better options for money-saving tips. Given the amount of technology each church uses these days, one area to cut back is on church technology costs. There are some simple church tech tips that can help you cut back on church technology and church media resource costs. Many social media networks offer free ways to connect and communicate with members and your community. There are also free graphics and online tools available to nonprofits, as well as more volunteers to be recruited.

Check out these six money-saving church tech tips that you can implement right away:

#1 – Create Social Media Accounts

Social Media accounts are a great marketing tool because they reach a vast majority of people and best of all—they’re free. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube are social media accounts that will benefit your church in so many ways. Facebook is an easy way to network with others. All you have to do is put up a cover photo, and profile picture—from there post messages and photos to interact with others. Also, don’t forget to post-event reminders.

Instagram is a way to showcase messages through pictures. Upload pictures of church events, services, staff members, or motivational messages to share with those who follow you. Twitter is great for sharing information in real-time. It’s easy to use, just make sure your posts are short and simple. Bible verses, event reminders, and motivational messages are great for Twitter. Snapchat is the fastest way to share a moment. It’s great for sending out reminders and sharing your favorite moments. All you have to do is take a picture and post it on your story for all your connections to see. YouTube is a great place to listen, watch, and stream videos. It’s also easily accessible—just upload videos of church services, motivational speeches, and church events.

#2 – Use Free Graphics

Graphics are useful for worship slides, flyers, and Facebook/Instagram/Twitter posts. Creation Swap requires only an email to get started, and then you can view helpful graphics for your church. Another place is Open Resources which also requires only an email. Open Resources displays many graphics with messages from a wide variety of categories—biblical themes, family, finance, and relationships. In addition, RiseUp Resources has simple graphics that are convenient for announcement slides, countdowns, and templates. Freely Photos is another place to get free graphics. Freely Photos is a Christian photo site that has many photos uploaded for various users. An added bonus to all these graphic places is that these graphics are actually free. There are also several free resources for editing your graphics so that they are ready to be shared.

#3 – Learn from Free Resources

Useful resources are always beneficial. There are a couple of free resources out there that share helpful information. One resource is Open Network which has free trainings and apps available for anyone that wants to use it. Another resource is CCV Resources which allows pastors, churches, ministries, and others access to creative materials. Lastly, there is NewSpring Network that offers free sermons, music, and training for those willing to learn more. There are free resources for church tech tips all over the internet.

#4 – Stream Church Services Online

Large amounts of people are viewing church services online due to accessibility. Fortunately, there are places where you can stream your church services live for free. One place is Facebook. All you have to do is use your Facebook account and click “Go Live.” After you click “Go Live” your church service will be streamed instantly. Another place you can use is YouTube. YouTube provides a live-streaming tool, and with this tool, anyone can watch your church services live. Facebook and YouTube are easy to use and are highly accessible. People can use Facebook and YouTube on their computers, tablets, and phones.

#5 – Recruit Volunteers

Volunteers can be beneficial to any church because their incentive for helping comes from within—they’re not driven by money. Unfortunately, recruiting volunteers can come with some hardships. One way to recruit volunteers is to use your social media accounts. Post on your accounts that your church is in need of compassionate volunteers. In your post make sure your potential volunteers know that their work is valued and greatly appreciated. Another way to recruit volunteers is through word of mouth. Getting the word out isn’t as difficult as it seems. Let people know you are looking for volunteers at a church service, or share the information at bible studies. Regardless of what you choose, get people excited about volunteering—hype up the opportunity.

#6 – Use Google for Nonprofits

Google for Nonprofits is one of the best virtual management tools for churches and best of all—it’s free.  The program allows individuals to showcase their church professionally and manage efficiently without the use of an IT staff. There are many great features of Google for Nonprofits. One feature is Google Drive; this allows multiple individuals the opportunity to collaborate on the same product virtually. This is convenient when you want to share documents with others. Another feature is the Google Calendar, which is an effective- time management tool. With Google Calendar you are able to share your schedule with others at the touch of a button. Another beneficial feature is Google Hangout, with this you can have meetings with various individuals, and you can also live-stream your church services.

In addition, your church may qualify for Google Ad Grants, which will allow users to see an advertisement for your church while searching for something on Google. An added bonus to Google for Nonprofits, is Google Now. With Google Now, you can receive real-time notifications about church events, weather conditions, and other conditions directly to your smartphone device.


Saving money in churches can come with many time-consuming challenges. As the next couple of days go by, think of different ways your church can benefit from these church tech tips listed above. Not every tip may work for you, but I hope you are able to incorporate at least 1 of the 6 money-saving tips in your church.

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