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Mobile Church Leaders: 7 Pieces of Equipment You Need


Which pieces of mobile church equipment are truly essential? 

Not every church begins in a facility with specific rooms and areas for conducting ministry. Many churches begin as mobile or portable churches with their congregations gathering in locations like neighborhood community centers or schools. While these are still excellent choices for churches, they don’t have several advantages that churches with their own building do.

To be able to minister in locations other than their own, mobile churches need a certain set of equipment. What are some essential pieces of equipment, then? Although there are many other demands, the ones listed below are crucial.

7 Pieces of Equipment Every Mobile Church Needs

1. Storage cases on wheels

You don’t have a “place” of your own if you’re mobile. And since you lack a space, you also lack a designated storage area. This is why you require rolling mobile storage cases. Storage cases on wheels make it easy for you to move equipment around your premises when you set up and tear down. Additionally, you’ll need a location to keep your cases. Trailers work well, but there are other possibilities, too.

Mobile church locations often lack important amenities. Make sure you plan for supplying the equipment that your mobile church will need. Click To Tweet

2. Mobile speaker systems and audio equipment

It is critical to have good sound. If you’re live streaming, you’ll also need equipment that can transfer sound clearly via an internet connection to the audience. However, not only the main worship area requires excellent sound. Mobile speaker systems may also be used by your children’s and youth ministries. Consider your requirements and choose the ideal system for your surroundings.

3. Wireless router or hotspot

Acquiring an internet connection from a building when you are a mobile church is not always feasible. And if you do, you have no control over it. For this reason, having a portable hotspot or wireless router of your own will be very useful. Any wireless provider sells hotspots, and you can purchase as many as you need for your ministries. Having one for your main service can be really handy, at the very least.

4. A trustworthy laptop

Church planters are always moving. They require a dependable laptop that they may use for meetings at coffee shops or other locations. To hold Zoom meetings, they require a laptop.

Most critically, they require a sturdy laptop to support the running of the Sunday morning worship services. The good news, these days, is that there are affordable options available that will provide the reliability you’re looking for. Try looking on, eBay, or

Get the most essential mobile church equipment to ensure you serve your people effectively.

5. Signs and banners

Signs are very important when it comes to helping people know where to go and how to get there. If you had a permanent building, you’d have permanent signs that did this for you. Being a mobile church, you must purchase signs that are simple to set up and store.  You need signs that indicate where students and kids go, where to park, and where the main services are located. It is not always obvious where people are supposed to go when they are in a building that is not their own. Make it straightforward and offer excellent banners and signs.

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6. Well-maintained projector(s)

It’s crucial to have a projector, and oftentimes, several projectors. You will require one for your main service at the very least. However, having one accessible for the Children’s and Youth Ministry departments would also be helpful. These projectors can be used to play videos, highlight key themes and Bible verses from a message, and project praise music lyrics so that everyone can see them. These days, projectors are relatively inexpensive, so purchasing more than one for your mobile church can be feasible.

Remember to keep your projectors serviced because when these darlings go on the blink, you’ll find that your plans have to change significantly.

When you are in a building that’s not your own, it is not obvious where people need to go. Make it simple and provide great banners and signs in your mobile church location.  Click To Tweet

7. Consumables

Even though they’re not quite considered “pieces of equipment”, you will require consumables, such as tape, pencils, batteries, and other basics. These items are important because you never know when you’ll need pens or other writing supplies, batteries run out at the most inopportune moments, and tape can fix a lot of things. You won’t have to search all over town for these basics if you already have them.

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These are just 7 pieces of equipment that a mobile church needs to be effective. It takes a lot of work, planning, and teamwork to operate a mobile church. You may need to be creative to begin with, but these pieces of equipment should help you get a solid start on ministering to your community most effectively. 

While it’s obvious that your mobile church will need other equipment to run smoothly, these are just 7 of the pieces that you will definitely need. Operating a mobile church involves a lot of preparation, planning, and cooperation. These tools should provide you with a good foundation for effectively ministering to your community.

What are your thoughts? What would you modify or add? Let us know.

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