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Metaverse Church Summit Online Set For May 18


Leadership Network is hosting the Metaverse Summit on May 18, 2022. The online event is available with free registration.

According to event organizer, Jeff Reed, what is sometimes called Web 3.0, the metaverse, comprising new and yet-to-be technologies, shows incredible potential for the future Church. From the communities based in virtual reality to the potential communication channels influenced by augmented reality to the cultural shift towards decentralization influenced by cryptocurrencies and blockchain, our world will look very different thanks to the metaverse. 

The event promises to delve into the question: What role does the Church play in the metaverse? What role does the metaverse play in the Church?

Metaverse Church Summit will explore: 

  1. What is the metaverse?
  2. What is the Church currently doing in the metaverse?
  3. What is the potential of the metaverse in relation to the Church and its mission?

Metaverse Church Summit Agenda

Session 1: Introduction to the Metaverse

  • Welcome: Jeff Reed, Director of Metaverse Church NEXT
  • Web 3.0 Overview: Adam Graber, FaithTech
  • Virtual Reality Communities: Micheal Uzdavines, Church of the META
  • Mental Health and the Metaverse: Mindy Caliguire, Soul Care
  • Wrap-up: Jeff Reed, Director of Metaverse Church NEXT

Session 2: The Church and The Metaverse Mission Field

  • Introduction: Jeff Reed, Director of Metaverse Church NEXT
  • Evangelism in the Metaverse: Bill Willenbrock, 4X Christian Fellowship
  • Theology of the Metaverse: Jason Poling, Cornerstone Yuba City
  • Pastoring and Shepherding in the Metaverse: Stuart McPherson, Lakeland Church
  • Wrap-up: Jeff Reed, Director of Metaverse Church NEXT

Session 3: Christian Innovations Within the Metaverse

  • Introduction: Jeff Reed, Director of Metaverse Church NEXT
  • Decentralization and Cultural Impact on Church: Chestly Lunday, DigitalChurch.Network
  • Video Game Church: DJ Soto, VR/MMO Church
  • Video Game Missionaries and/or Pastors: Q&A with Jeff Reed, DJ Soto, Enrico Pellini, and Aleatha Singleton
  • Augmented Reality & Immersive Journaling: Q&A with Jeff Reed and LMichelle Salvant
  • Bible on the Blockchain: Noel Thomas, ZeroTrafficking
  • Closing: Jeff Reed, Director of Metaverse Church NEXT

Registration is available at: https://leadnet.org/metaverse-church-summit/

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