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10 Example Social Media Posts Tapping Felt Needs To Encourage People To Consider Attending Christmas Services


It’s the week before Christmas!

And your church is trying to get as many of your congregation members to attend services as possible.

What can you do to encourage them?

One way is to post engaging content on social media that focuses on common felt needs in the lead-up to Christmas.

Acknowledging Felt Needs Demonstrates Relevance

Creating content that speaks to the felt needs of the community you are trying to reach is a highly effective strategy for churches utilizing social media. By focusing on the needs of your neighbours and tailoring your messages to meet them, your online presence is instantly made more relevant and engaging. 

Through increased relevance comes increased engagement and connection with potential congregants. 

Of particular importance are messages that meet needs that may not be explicitly obvious but are undoubtedly deeply felt, such as those related to security, identity, significance, and purpose. Tapping into the underlying current of these needs can help churches produce content that resonates with neighbours in a profound way.

Christmas social media
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Let’s take a look at 7 social media post examples that will help engage people while encouraging attendance.

Post #1: “What Are You Looking Forward To This Holiday Season?”

This type of post encourages your followers to share their favorite things about the holiday season. People love feeling connected, and this opens up dialogue for people to share what they are looking forward to being able to celebrate with family, friends, or even themselves! Not only does it encourage engagement, but it brings a sense of joy and cheer during this special time of year.

Post #2: “Tis The Season To Give Back”

This post reminds people of how important it is to give back during the holidays. Encourage your followers to think of ways they can lend a helping hand in their local community. For example, donating canned goods or toys for those in need, volunteering at soup kitchens or homeless shelters, or simply calling someone who may be lonely this holiday season. These small acts of kindness can go a long way and provide an opportunity for people within your congregation (and outside) to be involved in giving back this holiday season. One of the core Christian tenets is generosity, and this type of post taps that concept.

Post #3: “How Can We Come Together As A Community This Holiday Season?”

The holidays are all about bringing people together, and what better way than by gathering in one place to celebrate? Encourage your congregation members to come together for services by posting about the importance of spending sacred time with others during a special time like Christmas. Talk about how communal worship leads us closer together as we learn more about each other through shared experiences, stories, laughter, tears, and song! Remind them that no matter where they are coming from—they are always welcome here! 

Post #4: “Struggling with loneliness? You are not alone.”

This type of Christmas post, talks to the yearning to find companionship during this season of celebration. In our increasingly digital age, it is important to make sure we reach out and help our neighbors who might be struggling with loneliness. A great way to do this is through social media posts. Remind people that feelings of loneliness can be shared, and it only takes one person's story to show someone else that the same thing is happening elsewhere in the world. Share this message of hope and kindness with your community.

Post #5: “Feeling overwhelmed by the demands of life? Take a break and come spend some time in a peaceful sanctuary.”

This post can invite people for a special service where they can explore how to find peace and rest amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays. In these times of uncertainty and overwhelming demands on our lives, it can be difficult to find moments to pause and reflect. But this holiday season, focusing on peace can be refreshing.

Post #6: “Experience the true meaning of Christmas this season – join us for a special service.”

The idea behind this post is to draw people in with something that speaks both spiritually and personally to them. As you share our annual holiday tradition, be sure to include things that make the season special for people who may not believe in Jesus (yet!) and those that do: cozy moments spent together, reflections on faith and family life, or stories of past Christmas services. Doing so will strengthen the emotional connection between people who see the post and the potential for Christmas to have greater meaning for them personally. It's a great way to share why Christmas is such an important time, and how it's a reminder of all that Christ has done for us.

Post #7: “Tired of all the commercialism surrounding Christmas?”

One of the best ways a church leader can use a social media post focusing on the commercialism of Christmas is to tap into an audience’s desire to find meaning in holiday traditions. By utilizing language that acknowledges the hectic nature of the season and encourages people to look for significance in quieter moments, it allows viewers to relate to and consider the deeper message of Christianity. One approach might be to center conversation around how mindfulness and sincere contribution can counteract consumeristic impulses associated with Christmas. This kind of post can start conversations about core religious values that are more likely to leave a lasting impact.       

Tapping into the underlying current of felt needs can help churches produce content that resonates with neighbors in a profound way. Click To Tweet
social media tapping felt needs

At the end of it all, don't forget why you're creating these posts—to help neighbors to consider something they probably haven't recently – to explore what they might discover through church services during the week before Christmas.

Make sure you include information such as service times and location so that there's no confusion when it comes time for folks attending services on Christmas Day. Use these creative posts as tools for engagement while reminding everyone why coming together is important during this special season.

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CTT Staff
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