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7 Smart Ways MediaShout Worship Software Makes Church Tech Easier

In the worship software hall of fame, a few names have stood the test of time.  MediaShout stands as software that has continued to grow for the last 20+ years in functionality and use. With the creation of MediaShout 7 (MS7), they've added more features to make your job easier as a church techie.

Faithlife Sermons [Review]

Faithlife Sermons is a new sermon editing, publishing, and podcast hosting service for pastors that aims at making Sunday morning preparations more fluid. With the addition of Faithlife Sermons to its repertoire, Faithlife now offers an end-to-end solution for sermon production.

Worship Software Reviews for Your Church

Over the past year, we've tried to ramp up our worship software reviews here at ChurchTechToday. While other kinds of software like church management software seem to get lots of press in the church tech space, we thought it important to put some time and energy into helping worship leaders with their software selection.

Proclaim 2.0 Church Presentation Software [Review]

Proclaim comes from Faithlife, the same company that makes Logos Bible Software, which I recently reviewed. It's a departure from typical worship presentation software since it's designed with the online syncing component in mind. Install Proclaim on your church's worship presentation computer, the office computers, and home computers of each team member who helps build worship presentations. It also interacts with other services from Faithlife and their great Logos Bible Software. We reviewed Proclaim back i

5 Ways to Build Culture Within Church Teams

What is culture? What does a good culture look or feel like? How do you build a good culture? These are all great questions, but they can be hard to answer for most people. A good culture can mean having quality volunteers, happier staff, fewer mistakes in services, and a greater sense of accomplishment. Whether you meant to or not, you’ve helped build a culture for your team. Is it a good one? There are a few key reasons you should focus on intentionally building a positive culture.

ProPresenter 6 Worship Software [Review]

Worship software has been around since the end of the last century, but with many churches still using PowerPoint, Keynote, or other business-centric presentation software, you may think, “What’s the big deal? Why shouldn’t we stick with what works?” ProPresenter 6 answers with features that should stop people from asking that question and make business leaders ask, “Why should I stick with PowerPoint when there’s ProPresenter?”

MediaShout 6 Worship Software [Review]

MediaShout recently released a major update to their worship presentation software giving MediaShout 6 a cleaner and more tightly integrated user-interface. They’ve streamlined the process of editing the slides users create speeding up the process of importing lyrics and working with other slide show elements like Bible passages. They also Liturgies, a new kind of Cue that creates what many churches call a responsive reading, where the leader and congregation read scripture together out loud.