Aaron West

Aaron is the Director of MediaShout User Experience. He works daily with customers to make sure they have a great experience with the software. He also runs a church A/V/L consulting company. Previously he was the A/V Director for Dave Ramsey (Ramsey Solutions) and the Tech Director for Bethel Church in Fargo, ND.

5 Ways to Build Culture Within Church Teams

What is culture? What does a good culture look or feel like? How do you build a good culture? These are all great questions, but they can be hard to answer for most people. A good culture can mean having quality volunteers, happier staff, fewer mistakes in services, and a greater sense of accomplishment. Whether you meant to or not, you’ve helped build a culture for your team. Is it a good one? There are a few key reasons you should focus on intentionally building a positive culture.

Understanding Church Copyright Licensing

The word “copyright” can scare those of us who aren’t attorneys. Copyright law can be downright confusing. Sometimes, it feels easier to bury our heads in the sand than make sure we are 100% legal. But, the truth is it’s not all that confusing.

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