The 4 Questions to Answer for a Successful Multisite Church Website

Multisite church websites need to work for everyone involved. The challenge is meeting the needs of each congregation without sacrificing the continuity and branding of the church website as a whole. In this article, you’ll discover your solution by comparing some major components of each kind of church and multisite. These answers will help you to create the strongest website for your community.

Multisite Church is New “Normal” in America

With the landscape of church changing dramatically in America, church models are shifting to better support today's church-goer. In an increasingly secularized nation with...

5 Shifts in the Landscape of Church Space

The church building and religious-use facility industry is being dramatically and permanently altered by factors that began emerging at the dawn of the 21st century. In 1989 popular author Ken Follett wrote a riveting best-selling novel “Pillars of the Earth” about the factors that influenced the building of cathedrals in the Middle Ages. Those factors influenced church construction and facility use for nearly a millennium.