Millennials vs. Generation Z Mindset [Infographic]

Born between 1997 and 2010, Generation Z, or GenZ, the youngest of this generation are just now entering the workforce. There are some fundamental differences between Millennials (born 1980 to 1996) and GenZers. 

3 Ways the Internet Impacts the Millennial Generation

When it comes to understanding what makes Millennials different, it’s helpful to find the lowest common denominator or that one common thread that runs throughout all the intricacies of what makes Millennials worth studying.

5 Traits That Differentiate Instagram From Other Social Networks

What makes one social network stand out from the rest in our techno-saturated, app-centric digital world? Instagram has taken the world by storm and created legions of devoted users and followers. 2017 saw its member base surge to 800 million individual users and 25 million business users.

5 Simple Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Church Connection Cards

Despite the wide reports of 40% of people going to church, the actual percentage of regular church attendance is a little less than 18%. Yet, it's very common for pastors to see unfamiliar faces on Sunday morning. New people do come to churches, but they don't seem to come back. While some of them were never going to become regular attendees, some might have returned if they had a good first experience. One way to help stem the tide of lost opportunities is with church connection cards.

3 Mobile App Teen Trends

Speak to any parent and they will tell you how it seems their teens are so distant. They see them but interaction is a different story. In some of these cases, those teens are just individuating and going through natural adolescent changes. This is a normal process, or so I hear. I'm not a parent myself but I do like paying attention to the all-consuming trends around me some teens create. These trends are created by their use of various technologies, music styles, and language shifts. Because of this, it's always quite interesting to me to ask them, "what are your top three apps?" The answers often lead me to insights into their world and what they are discovering. 

4 Core Tenets of a New Millennial Faith

It's hard to fathom, but religious activity among American young people is at a notable all-time low. Millennials (born ~1980-2000) are less religious than their parents or grandparents, and, though little data has been collected on Millennials little brothers and sisters (Gen Zers, 2000-Present), it is safe to assume they aren’t pumped about revival meetings or Bar Mitzvahs either.

Adapt Your Church to “Digital Natives” in 5 Steps

In a 2001 journal article (I was 11 years old, for perspective), Mark Prensky, a thought leader in the educational technology world, coined the term “Digital Natives” to describe young people who do not know a world without video games, computers, Internet, and more. You are a Digital Native if you were born after 1980—so that would include all Millennials and every generation that follows.

3 Technology Truths About Christian Millennials

Recently I took thirteen Christian undergraduate students on a field trip to Southern California. One morning, after our buffet breakfast at the Best Western, we got together in the hotel foyer and chatted about faith and technology. It provoked at least three observations for me. 1. Technology makes information more accessible and learning less common.