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Chris Martin is a content strategist at LifeWay Christian Resources. He is the author of Ministering to Millennials and the student minister at his local church. You can find his writings at

3 Ways the Internet Impacts the Millennial Generation

When it comes to understanding what makes Millennials different, it’s helpful to find the lowest common denominator or that one common thread that runs throughout all the intricacies of what makes Millennials worth studying.

Pastors Must Increase Activity on Social Media

Social media is a tool. It is a neutral device that can be used for good or ill depending on the person wielding it. Unfortunately, we are more often interested in the negative stories about social media: how Facebook leads to divorce, how teens use Snapchat to send inappropriate pictures, and how trolls harass people on Twitter.

4 Core Tenets of a New Millennial Faith

It's hard to fathom, but religious activity among American young people is at a notable all-time low. Millennials (born ~1980-2000) are less religious than their parents or grandparents, and, though little data has been collected on Millennials little brothers and sisters (Gen Zers, 2000-Present), it is safe to assume they aren’t pumped about revival meetings or Bar Mitzvahs either.

Adapt Your Church to “Digital Natives” in 5 Steps

In a 2001 journal article (I was 11 years old, for perspective), Mark Prensky, a thought leader in the educational technology world, coined the term “Digital Natives” to describe young people who do not know a world without video games, computers, Internet, and more. You are a Digital Native if you were born after 1980—so that would include all Millennials and every generation that follows.

3 Rationales for Using Social Media to Promote Your Church

I live, eat and breathe social media for a living. While you probably don't, there are for sure valuable lessons to be learned from the social media landscape that can be applied to your church. I’m not a marketer by trade, but I’ve been a relatively active user of various social media platforms since I first heard that AOL Instant Messenger door creak open for the first time when I was in elementary school.

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