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7 Ways To Increase Online Tithing For Churches

It’s a good idea for churches to have an online giving platform established for attendees of all ages and stages of life. In addition to enabling a smoother collection process, it's also a great opportunity to introduce digital solutions to more people.

Creating a Robust Network for Church AV

The increasing number of devices on your church's network can put a strain not only on your bandwidth but on you as a tech. While connected devices have made things easier within the church, they have also created a new set of headaches.

Ministry Brands Catalyst for Church Technology Consolidation

Churches and church tech companies alike have been surprised by the fast-paced change and consolidation of church technology industry over the past three years. In 2012, private equity-backed Ministry Brands came on the scene with easyTithe, SimpleGive and SiteOrganic and quietly began acquiring additional church technology firms.