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Spring Clean Your Church Finances

With spring upon us, most have long-since forgotten our New Year’s resolutions. The start of spring—or tax season—somehow motivates us to tend to the housekeeping projects we’ve neglected. Sure, this can take the shape of some church office and building improvements.

3 Tips to Simplify Church Purchasing and Enhance Expense Control

Churches build community and support their mission through a wide range of programs: fundraisers, community work, study groups and more. Behind the scenes, however, keeping these programs running requires staying on top of a tedious expense management process.

5 Common Challenges to Managing Church Expenses — And How to Solve Them

Church leaders have the weighty responsibility of managing funds on behalf of the congregation. Whether church finances are handled by a board of directors, a staff accountant or a volunteer, the expense management process can be complicated and time-consuming.

RocoCPM Church Project Management Software Aims to Streamline Church Workflow

The nonprofit and secular industries are no stranger to project management software, but until now, church project management software hasn't been on anyone's radar. Churches simply muddled through with systems in place either cobbling together church management software alongside emails, spreadsheets, and perhaps a Google Group or some other free software that allowed them to coordinate large projects involving staff and volunteers. That is until RocoCPM was developed. Get ready for a new acronym, Church Project Management, or "CPM."

Solving Fund Accounting Problems for Churches

Tim Goetz has always been good with numbers. Growing up in California’s Central Valley, he would end up getting an accounting degree from nearby Fresno State. Afterwards, he worked for a little over two years as a financial statement auditor at Deloitte and Touché, becoming the Fresno, CA office’s internal control specialist. In early 2007, Goetz felt pulled in another direction and he went to work at one of Fresno’s largest churches, The Well, as an Executive Pastor. He quickly realized something big was missing in all of the big accounting programs — something they all couldn’t do that churches needed them to do. That something was fund accounting.

Church Software Focus: Fund Accounting Basics

In today’s economy, churches often compete with other charitable organizations for valuable member donations. If members are experiencing financial setbacks, they may have less...