Scott Romig

Scott Romig, a self-proclaimed “nerd evangelist” with a strong drive to help nonprofits and churches reach the hurting and raise dollars to further their mission. He has spent a number of years serving his local church as a worship leader, men's ministry leader, and small group leader. Currently, Scott serves as vice president of sales and marketing for Touchpoint Software at The Pursuant Group.

How to Use Data to Make Better Ministry Decisions

For the last several years Big Data has been a buzz word tossed around in the for-profit world as the “Next Big Thing.” However, analysis and insights that were once reserved for big business are now accessible to nonprofits and churches. Churches can and should leverage data in their church management system to create deeper engagement with church members and to enhance discipleship and make better, more informed decisions for the future of their ministry.

3 Functions of an Effective Church App

From the early days of dial-up internet to the first cell phones commercially offered, communication methods and tools have drastically changed over the last twenty years. For churches, cumbersome analog systems (that’s fancy-talk for pen and paper) were the only option before personal and business computing emerged. Now

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