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ReedVerde Inc. is a boutique website and app platform digital strategy agency with clients all over the world, big and small. Reed and ReedVerde Inc. focus on creating app and website platforms that use best practices, increase engagement, and create repeatable workflows for long-term efficiency. In addition, Reed works as a contracted Implementation consultant for Subsplash. Reed is a client of Subsplash as well, the volunteer communications manager at his church, and boasts a system that he updates for his entire church in just 30 minutes a week. As a consultant, he tries to recreate these benefits for churches worldwide. If interested, contact Reed here .

4 Important Web Page Elements Your Church Should Be Using

Increasing engagement and clarifying the message on your church website starts with structure. In this article, I'll break down 4 elements every effective site design contains, and I’ll show you how to implement a similar strategy on your own site.

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