Jessica Mitchell

Jessica Mitchell has worked with Church Community Builder for four years and served in the local church for the last seventeen years. While serving the local church, Jessica has spent time as both staff and volunteer in Children's ministry, hospitality, volunteer management, worship team, and leadership.

7 Ways Your Church Can Make a Lasting Impression

Church attendance is on the decline. In 2000, 58% of adults had attended church in the last month. In 2015, only 46% of adults had attended church in the last month - a change of 12% in just 15 years. Making your church's first impression as a lasting impression is important to keep people coming back.

5 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Church Management Software

One of the challenges of church ministry is how little time there is to step back and evaluate. Sunday is, after all, coming soon, that email inbox is filling up, the staff meetings, pastoral visits, and task lists aren’t going anywhere. And all of these things are great—they’re part of the blessing of church work. But it’s hard to find time to evaluate your church’s processes and systems and ask “is this still working for us?” 

5 Ways to Divide Your Church (and 5 Ways to Unify It)

The mission of the church is simple: go and make disciples. While simple in concept, the execution of making disciples is far from easy. Often, the Church unknowingly divides people from one another when unification is the goal.

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