Author: James Wasem

Assisted Listening Systems for Church Sound

Assisted listening systems are one of the most overlooked components of a church sound system. By not including assisted listening (or “hearing assist”) devices in your sound system, it is possible that members of your congregation are missing out on hearing God’s Word, and you may even be breaking...

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In-Ear Monitors for Church Sound

In-ear monitor systems are a great way to control stage volume and craft a better main mix. There are three primary things that a good in-ear monitor system does: Reduce the volume and acoustic energy on stage Give the performer on stage control over their own monitor mix Reduce...

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Loudspeaker Location 101

Placing loudspeakers and having them sound good involves a lot more than just pointing some speakers in the general direction of the listening congregation. While your church might hope that it would be this simple, it...

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