Author: James Wasem

4 Virtual Soundcheck Tools

One of the most important steps in creating a good sounding mix before a service or performance is to do a thorough sound check. And one of the best ways to practice for live mixing is to use a virtual sound check system.

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Sound Beyond the Sanctuary

When discussing , most of the focus is on the sound system components and technology used in the sanctuary or primary worship center. However, there are several other areas in the church that should be considered when planning or upgrading a church sound system.

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Untangling Audio Cable Confusion

For all of the high-tech digital audio devices out there, there is still a lot of analog equipment and an array of cables being used in church sound systems today.

Each cable typically comes with its own type of connector, but not all cables are this way.

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3 Tips for Simple Church Sound

Great sound doesn’t have to be complicated sound. In fact, a simple setup and mix can increase the potential for better sound quality. Whether the need for simple sound is a necessity (like a new church plant) or a choice (like acoustic-style worship), it is important to understand what contributes to great sound with a simple setup.

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Prepare Your Church for Coronavirus


Using Technology to Prepare Your Church for Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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