Derek Ouellette

Derek is Your Digital Ministry Coach. He’s a blogger, speaker and coach at where he helps churches, church leaders and other ministry partners use social media for God’s Kingdom. Derek has taken his nine years worth of experience as the social media marketer for a Christian bookstore, and over six years experience helping ministries use social media for God’s Kingdom, and put that knowledge into ebooks, resources and training courses for church leaders.

3 Ways to Leverage the #Hashtag for Your Ministry

One of the funnest articles I’ve read on the now famous pound symbol was called “Ode to the #Hashtag: A tribute to the most ubiquitous symbol of our digital times.” It was written back in 2013 by Andrew Miller on Medium, but is every bit as relevant today as it was back then. Especially this line: “People don’t know how to use you, But dump you everywhere just in case, Brands all rush to be your friend, To justify their journeys into cyberspace.” That is so true.

3 Social Media Mistakes Churches Make

When Jesus said “go and make disciples of all nations” his followers listened. And, we’ve been in the business of making disciples ever since. But in recent years social media has changed the playing field. The word “go” and the phrase “all nations” are no longer restricted to physical travel and national borders.

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