Chris Dolan

Chris serves as the VP of Product & Strategy at TouchPoint Software where he oversees the product roadmap and growth strategy for the company. He is passionate about using technology to serve the church and help it thrive. Prior to his role at TouchPoint, Chris served on the staff at Redeemer Presbyterian Church of NYC where he transformed the IT department from a reactive, back office, hardware-focused division to a proactive team that implemented cloud first technologies and streamlined systems and processes. He also founded and led the Culture Team—a team of peers that focuses on staff development and internal communications, and whose efforts resulted in an increase in employee satisfaction and engagement.

How to Finish Strong by Driving Recurring Giving

Thankfully, the roller coaster ride of 2020 is ending. Despite how crazy this year was, something that hasn’t changed is the importance of recurring giving. In fact, this is probably more top-of-mind for church leaders than usual.

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