Aaron Edelheit

Aaron Edelheit is the Chief Strategy Officer of FLO Technologies. Since selling his company, The American Home, in 2015, Aaron founded Mindset Capital, a private investment firm. Aaron has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Bloomberg and the New York Times. Aaron lives in Santa Barbara, CA with his wife and three children, and loves Frank Sinatra, board games and non-dairy chocolate chip cookies. He is the author of, The Hard Break, a book about the connection between productivity and Sabbath rest.

Sabbath Rest for Pastors

The stress of dealing with life, death, sickness, tragedies, joyous celebrations, teaching, and counseling can be overwhelming for any person in ministry. Sabbath rest for pastors is important. People who work at churches are often the most chronically overworked. The people that actually need it the most work on their Sabbath.

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