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The Alpha Conference 2022 Set for January 27-28, 2022


The annual Alpha Conference is being held Jan. 27-28 just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. Now, more than ever, Alpha Conference organizers believe there is a critical need for the Church to actively display a love that listens and encourages healing. Conference attendees are being invited to focus on themes of loving well and the importance of listening.

The Alpha Conference will take place in person at the Hillsong Church Mesa Campus. While the Livestream of the opening session on Thursday evening is free for everyone, advance registration is required. For more information and to register for either the Livestream session or the full in-person event, please visit https://alphausa.org/the-alphaconference-2022.

“The message of the conference is timely and necessary for people to hear because loving others like Christ loves us is truly at the heart of evangelism and is essential for us to grasp,” said Alpha USA executive director Craig Springer.

As the overall lead of this conference and a church leader herself, Danielle Kemp, national director, strategic church partnerships for Alpha USA, shares her thoughts on this in her latest blog post “Why We Gather…Does it Matter?

The two-day event will consist of four main sessions, a day of pre-conference workshops on Thursday and afternoon workshops on Friday.  Details and registration is available at the Alpha USA website.


Details of the full schedule keynote speaker sessions and workshops is available on the 2022 Alpha Conference website.

Featured speakers and talks will include:

  • Kara Powell – executive director, Fuller Youth Institute: The Three Big Questions – Engaging Gen Z with the questions they are asking
  • Dr. Stacy Spencerpastor, author & podcaster: Conversations that Transcend Culture
  • Craig Springer – executive director, Alpha USA: Love Listens with Empathy
  • Jo Saxtonauthor, podcaster & leadership coach
  • Father John Riccardopriest, podcaster and founder of ACTS XXIX: Rescued for What – Getting Clarity on Mission
  • Pete GreigThe Integrated Life – Centering everything we are in His Presence
  • Glenn Packiampastor, author, songwriter: Radical Hospitality in a Rapidly Changing World

Registration for the free, virtual opening session featuring speakers: Craig Springer, Jo Saxton, Fr. Riccardo, and Pete Greigis is available at https://alphausa.brushfire.com/conference/518507

About Alpha USA

ALPHA equips and serves the Church in its mission to help people discover and develop a relationship with Jesus. For more than 30 years, Alpha has worked effectively across every major denomination, culture and context worldwide. Churches offer the Alpha program as an 8-to 11-week course that creates a friendly, judgment-free environment for people to hear the gospel, ask questions about faith and process through their doubts. Millions of people have tried Alpha in 169 countries, and it has been translated into 112 different languages.



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