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8 Essential Volunteer Commitments to Empower Your Tech Ministry


If you are a leader of a tech-ministry, especially a volunteer-based one, you know and understand amongst many things, the importance of commitment. Commitment is everything. With it, your tech-ministry grows and thrives, without it; it’s super-challenging to do anything.

Volunteers can be all over the map in terms of their commitment level. To some degree this is expected because every person that volunteers to serve has life activities to manage in conjunction with serving. However, a lot of commitment issues can be discussed and worked out right up front if the tech-ministry leader takes the time to run each volunteer through the list of 8 commitments below. If the volunteer is not able to commit to any one of these, it should be a clear sign that they are not fit to serve in the tech-ministry:

#1 – Be Teachable. Having a teachable spirit is uber-important. When this trait exists, they can be corrected without feeling rejected, they are teachable and will listen to constructive criticism.

#2 – Be Current. They should be open-minded to constantly learning new things. If running the tech-ministry systems is not something that they have trained for in school or in life, they should be willing to work at earning the craft through attending seminars and workshops, reading books / articles on the subject, participating in online discussion groups / forums and so on.

#3 – Be faithful. Attending scheduled practices, church services, conferences and events on time and ready and willing to serve. Be there when you commit to be there. Be there early. Arrive early enough to get to your position and be ready to perform.

#4 – Be About Unity. Tech ministry members should strive for unity with their team members who serve alongside them in the tech-ministry and worship teams. This means that they will do their absolute best to avoid gossip, not allow unresolved disagreements to fester and clearly communicate their feelings or needs in a loving, graceful manner.

#5 – Be Able to Participate. Participate in tech-ministry housekeeping activities such as helping with set-up and clean-up of equipment in tech-ministry operational areas. With every team member making a contribution, the work gets done faster and properly.

#6 – Be Available. Serve as much as is practical while keeping God’s priorities for their life intact. Also, when and where possible provide support coverage for tech-ministry team members when they are not available to serve.

#7 – Be Responsible. Being responsible and accountable for serving assignments. It is their responsibility to show up and fulfill their serving assignments. If something pops up last minute that results in them not being able to fulfill the serving assignment, it is their responsibility to find a replacement.

#8 – Be Responsive. To read, be responsive and acknowledge all team communications that are delivered via phone, email, SMS Text or notifications.

Bryan Brooks runs the blog, TechSabbathHabit, is an author and technology coach. He owns two small businesses, KB Media Group, LLC,  VITAL Production, LLC and serves as the Director of Technology at The Fathers House Church in Vacaville, CA.

Bryan Brooks
Bryan Brooks
Bryan Brooks runs the blog, TechSabbathHabit, is an author and technology coach. He owns two small businesses, KB Media Group, LLC, VITAL Production, LLCr and serves as the Director of Technology at The Fathers House Church in Vacaville, CA.



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