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4 Considerations for Portable Church Speaker Systems


Portable church speaker systems have a lot of excellent uses for a ministry and worship team. Some churches are completely portable and need quality sound on the go. A church might need portable sound systems for the youth group or summer camp. And sometimes a small portable speaker is the perfect addition to fill in sound on a large stage or for use during a special event. Portable speaker systems can be configured many different ways. However, not all portable systems are created equal.

There are five important variables to consider before selecting your portable speakers:

  1. How large of a space will the speaker need to cover?
  2. What type of audio will you mix through the speaker (music, speech, both)?
  3. How loud does the system need to be?
  4. How many audio inputs are required?
  5. Are there size and weight limits for your portable components?

Answering these questions will help determine what speakers will work for your church.

#1 – Speaker Size and Power Considerations

Today’s speakers don’t need to be big in size to deliver big sound. This really comes down to how a system is designed and where it will be used.

Smaller rooms benefit from smaller sound systems. It’s perfectly OK to use a small speaker to cover a small area or for background music purposes. Many small speaker systems also have microphone inputs for speech reinforcement.

Live music services and events often require more powerful speakers. But that doesn’t mean that they have to be big and bulky.

And if you want to really turn up the volume or have thumping bass, you’ll want to add a subwoofer to your portable sound system. Subwoofers can vary in size and power rating as well, so don’t be fooled by those smaller subs. They can pack a punch too.

#2 – Smaller Portable Speakers

Portable speakers can be used as an all-in-one sound system for small rooms or stages.

The Mackie SRM150 includes a three-channel mixer and a 150W 5.25” speaker. This is an ultra-compact option.

Roland makes the BA-330 PA System that features four 6.5” speakers and a four-channel mixer with anti-feedback capability. It also has AC and battery power supplies.

The JBL EON ONE is a compact 8” speaker with a four-channel mixer and a rechargeable battery for power. This can even be placed on the floor and tilted up like a stage monitor.

#3 – Portable Speakers for Music

Musicians and presenters use compact portable sound systems for high-quality, full-range audio in a variety of spaces.

The Fender Passport Conference speaker system is a compact option for medium-sized rooms or events. There are four microphone input channels, and wireless Bluetooth connectivity is included.

A compact line array tower can be perfect for covering a wide listening area. The JBL EON ONE PRO all-in-on system does a great job for both vocals and music reproduction. A 7-channel mixer is built-in, and a lithium battery provides up to six hours of runtime.

Bose L1 portable tower systems have been used by musicians and performers around the world. Like the JBL tower above, this line array tower system is compact, but it can cover rooms with up to 300 people. Multiple bass modules can be added for extended low frequency response. And the Bose ToneMatch T4S mixer is a great add-on that includes digital audio modeling for a variety of inputs.

#4 – Big Sound in a Portable Speaker

Larger rooms and bigger audiences require more volume. These portable speaker systems are great for outdoor or indoor worship services and events.

PreSonus delivers quality audio in a portable package with the AIR12 powered speaker system. Use a 15” active subwoofer and a StudioLive 16-channel digital mixer to build a high-powered sound system.

The Mackie Thump15BST powered loudspeaker uses 1300 Watts of power for the 15” speaker and 1.4” titanium compression driver. This speaker can be used with portable stands, placed on a stage, or flown overhead. Use the Mackie DL1608 digital mixer for extended mixing capability.

QSC K12.2 powered speakers paired with KW181 subwoofers can handle just about any portable sound event. Use these speakers with stands and the TouchMix compact digital mixing console for a complete portable sound package.

You don’t have to sacrifice sound quality for size and portability. The right portable sound system can provide high quality sound and years of service for your church.

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James Wasem
James Wasem
James Wasem is the author of "Great Church Sound - a Guide for the Volunteer." James has been designing, installing, and operating sound systems for 20+ years and he has a passion for helping church sound team volunteers deliver great sound. Connect with James at his informative site, Great Church Sound.


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