Life in the Cloud [Infographic]
October 24, 2014, No Comments

The internet Cloud has become a part of everyday life, even within the four walls of the Church. Wi-fi internet has beco ...

5 Newer Web-Based Church Software
5 Newer Web-Based Church Software Solutions
October 22, 2014, No Comments

There are many church management software solutions on the market, to say the least. It can be overwhelming for churches ...

Sacred secular blur
2 Ways to Blur the Sacred-Secular Divide
October 20, 2014, No Comments

Barna Group recently reported (February 2014) that three-quarters of U.S. adults (75%) say they are looking for ways to ...

Internet Facts for 2014 [Infographic]
October 17, 2014, No Comments

Despite thinking most of the World we live in embrace the Internet with many people using it on a daily basis on their m ...

TechSoup Software Donation
TechSoup Software Donation Program Saves Churches Thousands
October 13, 2014, No Comments

TechSoup Global, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, was founded in 1987 on the belief that technology is a powerful enabler for soci ...

Christian vs. Secular Counseling [Infographic]
October 10, 2014, No Comments

The main difference between Christian and non-Christian counselors is the authorities under which they operate: the chur ...

Elexio Debuts Mobile Check-In
Elexio Debuts Mobile Kid’s Check-In and Attendance
October 7, 2014, No Comments

As churches continually look for ways to speed up the check-in process, Elexio is taking integration one step further wi ...

Church Updates Web App
Church Updates Web App Aides Member Engagement
October 6, 2014, No Comments

Church attendance is declining. It’s not so much that there are fewer members, it’s that members just don’t attend ...

CharityTech Infographic
Charity Technology [Infographic]
October 3, 2014, No Comments

As it has with the business world, technology is changing the world of philanthropy. With mobile apps, high-speed Intern ...

Lightstock Screenshot
DIY Church Graphic Resources
October 1, 2014, No Comments

Graphics are probably more important now than they’ve ever been. Remember when all you had to choose from was the ...