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Lauren Hunter is an entrepreneur, freelance writer, and founder of ChurchTechToday, where she encourages churches to better use technology to improve every aspect of ministry. She's also a wife to a pretty awesome coach, mom of four great kids, worship leader, and poet.

5 Steps to See if Your Social Media is Profitable [Infographic]

A common calculation in the business world is return on investment, or ROI. Finding the ROI of your social media marketing, however, can be difficult. The normal factors may not be as obvious as in other ROI calculations. For churches, looking at social media ROI can be trickier. Ministry isn't always trackable in the same way sales are. ...

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The Evolution of Computer Science [Infographic]

Ever wondered what a decade by decade look at how computers have revolutionized tech would look like? It's hard to believe that the binary number system was invented in the 1700s, but this discover laid the foundation for the field of computer science and digital circuitry. In the 1800s, the automatic fabric loom technology used wooden punch cards, which laid the foundation for early computers. ...

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RocoCPM Church Project Management Software Aims to Streamline Church Workflow

The nonprofit and secular industries are no stranger to project management software, but until now, church project management software hasn't been on anyone's radar. Churches simply muddled through with systems in place either cobbling together church management software alongside emails, spreadsheets, and perhaps a Google Group or some other free software that allowed them to coordinate large projects involving staff and volunteers. That is until RocoCPM was developed. Get ready for a new acronym, Church Project Management, or "CPM." ...

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Online Giving Fundamentals for Churches

Millennials are making up an increasing number of church attendees, and this generation doesn't carry cash or check. Even older folks are choosing debit cards and online payments over paper payments. Churches, however, struggle to find ways to process online donations, gifts, and offerings that do not eat into their bottom line. ...

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Amazing Facebook Facts & Stats [Infographic]

Facebook is still one of the primary social networks that churches should utilize to reach people for Christ. Whether connecting with current attenders, sharing events, or reaching out to the community, Facebook offers some unique advantages: ...

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The Screen Generation: Are We All Going Blind? [Infographic]

Although technology is capable of doing many wonderful things in our lives in many areas, screens do have their affect on our bodies, especially our eyes. Juggling 2+ digital screens is now the norm as we multitask to get through the work day and our down time. And digital media consumption has never been higher. ...

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Changing State of Church Technology Industry

In the past several years, the church technology industry has undergone many changes that have encouraged some, while discouraging others. As technology advancements continue, new companies start up and newcomers to the church tech industry enter and acquire firms to consolidate and rebuild. More recently, private equity firms have entered the space getting involved in acquisitions and shifting resources to various technology firms in order to position for growth and financial gain. All these moves cause disruption - to tech companies as well as the churches they serve; change is never easy. ...

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25 Features of a Powerful Church Website

The church website is still one of the most useful ways to draw in new visitors and reach the community. While social media gets most of the press these days, it's important to revisit your church website from time to time to make sure that it's meeting your needs and matching up with your goals for both inreach (within your church) and outreach (into the community). ...

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May News & Thanks

This month, we're shared some insights with you about how to use a church app more successfully, how to produce a more useful church bulletin, plus rules for how to engage with people online. We've also added a few new contributing voices to our writing staff and look forward to the insight they will share with us this summer. As always, our goal is to provide free, relevant, and useful church technology information and resources to church leaders. ...

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Free Open Source Church Management Software, Rock RMS, Changes Market

What's really great about working in the same industry for nearly 20 years is that every so often a company comes along that really shakes things up and redefines what can be done. One such company is Rock RMS, run by Spark Development Network, a nonprofit organization that built the powerful, open-source Rock RMS software. Rock RMS is somewhat of a newcomer in the church management software space, having gone through beta and version one release in 2014, then becoming financially independent as Spark Development Network. With more than 1,000 downloads and church plants on up through mega multisite churches hopping ...

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