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Don’t Miss Out: 3 Tips Church Leaders Need To Know To Prepare For The He Gets Us Super Bowl Ad


3 Things Church Leaders Should Do Now to Prepare For The He Gets Us Super Bowl Ads Highlighting Jesus

As Feb 2023 approaches, the buzz has been building around the upcoming He Gets Us Super Bowl commercial featuring Jesus. As a church leader or pastor, you can capitalize on this special moment for the gospel.

Here are three things you should be doing now to get your church ready for this significant global event:

  1. Prepare Your Congregation – Start preparing your church family by educating and informing them about the He Gets Us campaign. Talk about the impact of having Jesus featured in a Super Bowl ad and what it could mean to those who view it. Help them understand how they can best share this message with their friends and family members who may not yet know Jesus.
  2. Engage Your Community – Reach out to your community with conversations around the He Gets Us ad campaign, encouraging them to watch and engage with it during the Super Bowl. Invite people from all backgrounds to join you in watching and discussing the commercial as part of your regular weekly gathering or Bible study group.
  3. Leverage Social Media – Make sure you're leveraging social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram before, during, and after the commercial airs on Super Bowl Sunday in February 2023. Create unique content related to He Gets Us that will grab attention and encourage engagement from those in your faith communities as well as beyond it.ds

Why Super Bowl Ads Are Effective for Reaching New Audiences, Especially for Churches

Super Bowl ads are some of the most expensive, and most watched, advertisements on television. Having a commercial air during the Super Bowl can reach a global audience and provide an unprecedented opportunity to expand your outreach. This is especially true for churches looking to reach new audiences. Here's why:

  1. Audience Reach – The viewership of the Super Bowl continues to increase year after year, making it the perfect platform to target millions of potential viewers in a single event. Your church's message will be broadcast around the world, and likely reach audiences that would not otherwise have seen it right there in your own neighborhood.
  2. Creative Opportunity – Commercials during the Super Bowl offer churches an opportunity to think outside the box and create impactful messaging that stands out from regular weekly worship services or online content. A unique ad with powerful visuals can leave a lasting impression on viewers long after the game ends.
  3. High Impact Messaging – Studies show that commercials airing during the Super Bowl have a higher recall rate than ads aired during other programs, giving churches a chance for their messages to truly make an impact. By leveraging this global platform, churches have access to more potential followers than ever before!

So What Exactly Is He Gets Us?

He Gets Us is campaign dedicated to producing videos and other media assets that engage with culture about Jesus, while staying true to the core values of the Bible.

The He Gets Us campaign is funded by The Servant Christian Foundation and backed by a Christian donor-advised fund called The Signatory. This groundbreaking undertaking is set to make Jesus the most familiar name in the world. By offering thought-provoking videos, reading plans based on Bible passages and other content that can engage with curious seekers via text message, the campaign aims to catch the attention and deepen people's understanding of Jesus, his teachings, and the impact he had on those around him.

The HeGetsUs.com website offers different types of content that users can watch and read for further insight into who Jesus was and what he stood for. Additionally, their video ads have been viewed upwards of 100 million times already across platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc., thus helping to spread the message even further.

All in all, the mission behind He Gets Us is to provide people from all backgrounds with a greater comprehension of Jesus and how his teachings can be relevant to anyone and everyone paying attention.

The Super Bowl is coming on February 12, 2023

Example Videos From He Gets Us


http://www.hegetsus.com Website

He Gets Us YouTube Channel

He Gets Us on Instagram

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