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Smartphone Users By The Numbers [Infographic]


Technology is upgrading at the speed of light. 30 years ago we saw some great desktop computers that were top of the line, but now we have cell phones with 10x more memory and processing powers than they had. At the same time we have seen several innovations that is changing the technology landscape, from desktops to laptops to tablets and smartphones. Many of us have two or more ways of connecting to the Internet. This is great for churches, if you are effective with how you approach it.

  • The top phone manufacturers are Samsung, ZTE, and Apple with the top operating system being Android and Apple’s iOS.
  • 1 in every 7 people have a smartphone, with 46% of this population being 25-44 years old.
  • Apps are where it is the best communication is at with over 1.4 million apps across Android, Windows, and iOS.

Smartphone Users By The Numbers - Infographic
[Image via Coupon Audit]

How does your ministry or business specifically use or target phones?

CTT Staff
CTT Staff
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