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Sermon Graphics for all 66 Books of the Bible


As a Bible teacher, you put time and effort into preparing sermons that have the power to change hearts and lives. You want to promote your sermons in a way that reflects their importance. One of the best ways to do this is through quality sermon graphics.
Sermon graphics are visual representations of the sermons you work so hard to prepare week after week. They create intrigue and provide a helpful snapshot of what each sermon is about.
The quality of your sermon graphics goes a long way in influencing how your audience will perceive your sermons. But for many churches, there’s little room in the budget for professionally-designed graphics.
Ministry Voice has attempted to help solve this issue by designing a collection of free sermon series graphics on all 66 books of the Bible. Each book graphic includes a background image and a Bible verse to reflect the theme of that book’s message. Below is a sample of the graphics we’ve created for you. You can download a graphic you like by clicking on it.

You can request a free download of all 66 graphics here.

How to Use Your Sermon Graphics

Once you’ve decided on a quality sermon graphic, your work has only just begun. Now it’s time to use that graphic to promote your sermon! Below are several possible places you can feature your sermon graphics.

1. Bulletins

Your weekly bulletin is a prime piece of real estate to feature a sermon graphic. Many members of your congregation likely utilize your bulletin to stay updated on the life of your church. Some members may even share your bulletin with potential visitors.

Consider placing a graphic for your current sermon series prominently in your bulletin, possibly on the front page. You could also feature a sermon graphic in the announcements section of your bulletin to highlight an upcoming sermon or teaching series.

2. Slides

Of course, you’ll want to feature your sermon graphic in your slides. Displaying your sermon graphic just as your sermon starts is a great way to set the stage for the branding of your message. A compelling graphic can create context and draw your audience in.

3. Church Website

Your church website is your church’s digital front door, so you certainly want to utilize it to highlight your sermons. This is especially true if you upload your sermons to your website.

Consider placing your most recent sermon graphic in a prominent place on your website’s home page. If your home page has a slider, this could be a great spot for your graphic. You could also place your graphic in its own section further down the home page if you want to reserve the top spot for a special visitor-focused call to action.

4. Social Media

Social media is another great space for sharing your sermon graphics. Promoting a sermon graphic across your social media accounts can create intrigue and excitement about your upcoming sermon.

5. Print Newsletters

Just as there are likely members of your congregation who use and even share your bulletins, many members utilize your church’s print newsletter. This is a golden opportunity to give your sermons some more exposure.

Consider including your sermon graphic in your newsletter along with a short teaser for your church’s current or upcoming sermon series.

6. Email Newsletters

Your email newsletter is also an excellent place to draw attention to your sermons. Consider including a special space in your e-newsletter where you can regularly feature your current sermon series. If you upload your sermons to the web, you could also include a link to your most recent sermon along with the sermon graphic.

7. Bible Studies

This article has focused on using graphics to promote sermons. But you can just as easily use these graphics to promote men’s and women’s Bible studies, Sunday School classes, blog posts, and other special teaching series. We hope you’ll take these sermon graphics and use them to fit your church’s needs!

Below are a few helpful resources to help you get started with sermon graphics:

Creating A Great Sermon Graphic – An article on the basics of designing sermon graphics from ShareFaith.com

A Checklist For Designing Sermon Series Graphic Packs – A very helpful walkthrough of the sermon graphic design process by Kendall Conner of TheCreativePastor.com

The Church Graphics Handbook – A non-designer’s guide to creating church graphics from Pro Church Tools

Free Church Sermon Series Graphics – Again, 66 free sermon graphics Ministry Voice has created on each book of the Bible

Ryan Haught
Ryan Haughthttps://www.ministryvoice.com/
Ryan is the Co-Founder of Ministry Voice and enjoys sharing resources and tools to help churches and Christian nonprofits have a greater outreach.


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