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Workstation Does Double-Duty for Production Leader at NewStory Church


It’s not uncommon to find a church production leader overseeing all the video work for their church. Video is an important part of any worship service, so it makes sense that one person would be in charge of all the different aspects of this crucial ministry.

A good workstation can mean the difference between increased productivity or increased distraction.


New Story Church LA logoErwin Yi, the Production Team Lead at NewStory Church in Los Angeles, California, shows us his home workstation that not only serves him well in his remote work, but also in his off-time.


As Production Team Lead, Yi supervises NewStory’s graphic designer and video editor. His team takes care of everything related to media, including live online services on Sundays and editing sermon video clips.


“I’m somewhat of a generalist, so I cover for the designer and editor when needed,” he said.

Production Team Lead Workstation


Yi’s setup is both his work and play station at home. He has a dual laptop setup connected to another pair of monitors. The black laptop on the right is his editing computer with which he operates
OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), and his gaming laptop is on the left.

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The MacBook Pro on his giant mousepad is his “Workstation.” The other screens become research or music stations while he works.


Yi uses a 1080p webcam for clear image quality on stream. The dual LED lights have variable light controls that can match the camera’s white balance for better lighting. He also uses an Elgato Wave:3 USB mic for recording and team chat communications.


Yi’s number one productivity tip is to always have pen and paper, the gadgets of old. 


I always sit down and write down a checklist of things to accomplish for the day. I don’t always complete every item, and when I don’t, it’s there for me the next day to have a crack at it.”


What does your workstation look like? We’d like to take a look.  Submit your workstation to our editors so we can share it.

Kenny Jahng
Kenny Jahng
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