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Perfect Church Online Service with Dave Adamson + Kenny Jahng


Is church online just about broadcasting your service? This is a milestone interview where Dave Adamson concedes to Kenny Jahng on a years-old academic argument regarding church online service programming — Dave finally suggests that churches should STOP streaming their music worship portions of the service … WHY? Listen to this episode as Dave and Kenny unpack that position. Also, the church online veterans discuss what smaller churches can do if they don't have the resources to stream Sunday services. Enjoy this verbal sparring and fun conversation in today's episode!

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  1. Hey Jim.
    I totally agree! I stress to every church that I partner with, that online is the lifeline for many people groups—like the ones you mentioned.
    And you’re right, one-size does not fit all … which was the point we were making. This is where context is SO important. For a church like yours, streaming services to these people is crucial. And staying connected with them during the week is equally important, right!

  2. Jim, Thanks for taking the time to share a comment and start the discussion!

    Yes, church online is NOT binary. Is isn’t one way or nothing. There are a variety of models and strategic objectives that you can accomplish with church online and digital ministry.

    I love hearing that your church, even though small, is streaming so that it can reach community members who physically aren’t able to attend in person on site.

    I do think that in my experience as a church online pastor in the past, people who object to church online are willing acknowledge that use case, but are quick to minimize it. Sure shut ins, people traveling, people under the weather, etc are all able to benefit from church online, but this camp still dismisses church online as if the point is that if the clear majority of headcount isn’t utilizing this virtually mediated channel of connection, then it isn’t valid at all. It’s a very reductionistic way to approach it IMHO.

    I also think streaming isn’t mean for just Sunday services. There are so many other use cases for video and audio streaming. Both asynchronous, on-demand, and also live synchronous connection experiences. Zoom isn’t the only option either.

    The last episode of the Church Online Podcast featured Stephanie Leathe of AltarLive.com and their team is doing some very creative and innovative things to help enrich the online experiences, and not just for one-to-many large group gatherings. Hope you are able to catch that episode too: https://churchtechtoday.com/how-to-design-an-online-experience-that-everyone-wants-with-stephanie-leathe-kenny-jahng/

  3. I know you said early that online church is non-binary, but I think the important point wasn’t stressed enough until 17 minutes in, one size doesn’t fit all. We have a sizable number of folks who are homebound or immuno-compromised for whom, joining in the room just just not possible now. They really do feel the stream is a lifeline, the one way they can stay connected to their church family. I like the idea of trying to beef up other social media presence, but for our small church I believe streaming our Sunday service in its entirety is still crucial to our community.


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