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In-Ear Monitor System Guide: Options for Every Church From Small to Mega

One small piece of equipment that can have a huge impact on the quality of sound on the worship platform is the in-ear monitor.  In-ear monitors can reduce stage volume and provide precise monitoring for individual mixes.

Worship Leading From a Tablet

We know as ministry leaders that you often don't get the chance to visit other churches on Sunday mornings. One of the perks I have is that I don't work for a church and can take time each month to visit churches in my area. Recently, our family visited a new church plant that meets at my daughter's middle school. I immediately noticed the lack of clutter on the stage area. I also noticed that there worship leaders were leading from iPads with no sheet music.

Turn Your Unused Worship Gear Into a Blessing

Your new lights are shining bright, your new sound board is installed, and your now worship looks and sounds amazing. Now the only question that remains is what to do with the gear you just replaced. The last thing any church wants is to have unused equipment collecting dust in a closet. Here are a few options that can help your church save space and potentially be a blessing to other churches:

Church Sound Survival Kit

Running sound for church can be a dynamic and fast-paced endeavor--and, because it’s live “production,” anything can and does happen, normally when you least...