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9 Church Facilities Conferences

As you look for the best tools and methods for creating and maintaining excellent church facilities, these church facilities conferences are an excellent resource.

8 Essentials for Church Communication

Over the years I’ve decided there are some fundamental priorities when it comes to serving in church communications. If you operate in this framework you will go much further and succeed more than you thought.

5 Things to Make Sure Your Church Website Does Well

The church website continues to be the church's digital front door. As a church communicator, putting good website practices into play will always be resources well spent. While focusing on your own church website most of the time is necessary, learning how other churches present themselves and welcome those who are thinking about attending is a valuable, free learning tool. It also provides insights into how to adapt or learn how other churches solve communications challenges.

Leveraging Your Church Website with Email Marketing

There's a lot of buzz around social media marketing, but email - the tried and true channel - shouldn't be ignored or neglected. It's the one platform everyone has and if you set things up correctly, your emails will end up in someone's inbox where it will get some of their attention. Compare this to a Facebook post or a Twitter tweet that can just fly by along with everyone else's updates.

Conquer WordPress Plugin Fails With These 5 Helps

You might have found yourself in this kind of a situation that I found myself in: You're running your church website which is built on WordPress. You have swapped out the events for the week, you've added the pastor's blog post and scheduled it, then you check the front end by going to your church's site. Something has gone wrong.

Top 10 Plugins for WordPress

Are you trying to build an interactive and informational website on a platform that is easy to update and feature rich? We are huge fans of WordPress and highly recommend you consider building your church or organization’s website on the WordPress platform. If you don’t know what WordPress is or how it works, here’s a great intro video that will give you the 4-1-1 in less than two minutes: