Fredric Gluck

Fredric Gluck has been involved in putting technology to work for over 30 years for both nonprofits and for-profit organizations. His latest position is working as a technology strategist and systems administrator for a large, multi-site church in the upper Midwest. He also teaches technology, WordPress web development, and coding to adults at the technical college level. Fredric's work can be found at, and

Using Technology in Preaching to Reach Every Learning Style

Many churches struggle with how to present sermon material to their congregation so that ideas "stick" and make a difference. You can improve the stickiness of your preaching by understanding learning styles and using technology to deliver information that matches how people best learn.

5 Things to Make Sure Your Church Website Does Well

The church website continues to be the church's digital front door. As a church communicator, putting good website practices into play will always be resources well spent. While focusing on your own church website most of the time is necessary, learning how other churches present themselves and welcome those who are thinking about attending is a valuable, free learning tool. It also provides insights into how to adapt or learn how other churches solve communications challenges.

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