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4 Ways Church Management Software can Enhance Discipleship in the Digital Age

There’s no denying that technology has introduced many cultural implications for the people who walk through our church doors every Sunday. On one hand, we are more networked than ever before. We go to work, interact with people we see at the gym, talk with other parents at our kids’ soccer practices, and probably even attend church most Sundays.

3 Tech Tips to Take the Stress Out of Church Event Planning

Planning a church event involves a considerable amount of time, effort, and communication. From deciding on the theme and day of the event to recruiting volunteers, there are plenty of details to manage. Thankfully, a disciplined process combined with a few key technical tools can make planning less stressful.

Most User-Friendly Church Management Software [Infographic]

Capterra is a very useful software review site that has beefed up their church management software (ChMS) review listings, articles, and helps for churches over the past few years. Companies do pay to be listed on this site, like many other review sites, however, users are free to post reviews and comments. Some church software companies have over a hundred user reviews, making it very helpful for churches to take a peek into how the software is valued by its customers.

12 Online Tools to Up Your Church Game

If you’ve been on the internet at all over the past few years, then you know that there are a ton of new products and services popping up to help you’re church thrive. Many of these are truly great resources that can make your days more productive and give you more time for what you truly love. However, finding the right product or service can be an overwhelming task.

Benefits of Cloud Computing [Infographic]

We've written many times here on ChurchTechToday about cloud computing, first known as SaaS or web-based software. While many church management software systems began as desktop, or installed software, most offer some kind of hybrid options these days, or have gone even completely cloud-based to be accessible anywhere, anytime via the internet.

Web-Based vs. Installed Church Management Software

The age old question that business and churches alike need to answer as they look at new systems is “web-based” vs “installed.” Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each solution as well as some available hybrid solutions. Web-Based Church Management Software There are many advantages of using web-based software. The most obvious is the ability to access the software from any computer or mobile device that has an internet connection. So if you want to use your iPad, no problem. Want to use your Windows 10 machine, no problem. As long as you have a browser and internet connection you will be able to access your system. This also gives you the flexibility to use the software from home, the office or even at Starbucks.