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8 Church Online Giving Capabilities That Still Matter in 2022

Your church’s donations platform should never stand in the way of someone giving cheerfully—and it shouldn’t make tasks harder for your staff either. Here are eight features that make or break it.

8 Effective Digital Giving Practices For Your Church

Have you noticed the digital giving trends on church websites? Having grown by 21% in 2020 alone, online giving is an area of leadership that deserves our full attention. Let's explore the ways churches can reduce friction in the giving process and cast vision along the way.

7 Ways To Increase Online Tithing For Churches

It’s a good idea for churches to have an online giving platform established for attendees of all ages and stages of life. In addition to enabling a smoother collection process, it's also a great opportunity to introduce digital solutions to more people.

3 Ways Churches can Love Their Givers Well

It’s Valentine’s Week, and that means a couple of things. First off, it means it’s cold--at least where I am. It means your social media feeds are likely cluttered with declarations of love, and/or diatribes about how V-Day is entirely arbitrary and unnecessary. And it means every blog post or “how to” article posted this week is required (by federal law) to include motifs of “love,” “affection,” and “romance.” Furthermore, since I’m the one doing the writing, you know we’ve got to talk about giving, generosity, and stewardship as well.

4 Things That Recurring Giving Can Do For Your Givers

In a recent post for ChurchTechToday, I discussed four of the primary financial benefits that effective recurring giving programs can provide for churches. Increased giving, stabilized revenue, and automated workflows were all discussed at length. Today, I want to focus on another demographic that will benefit greatly from a fast and flexible recurring giving option: your givers! It’s no surprise that a giving tool that will benefit your church’s staff will benefit your givers as well. (How’s that old proverb go? “What’s good for the goose is good for the giver as well?” Yes, I think that’s it. Intuitive though it may be, let’s dig a bit deeper and look at four specific things recurring giving can do for the givers in your congregation.

The Value of Digital Giving via Text

Introducing new technology into your church should always be done thoughtfully--especially when it comes to giving, which is a particularly sensitive area. One new technology...