Is Artificial Intelligence the Solution For Helping Church Staff?

For those of us in the church world, we know how much time and effort it takes to keep the constant production of fresh content flowing for social media and church communications if you want to stay engaged with your community. What if there was technology to help our churches complete all this writing outside of leaning on church staff and trained volunteers? Learn how artificial intelligence is helping.

8 Inspiring Bible Verses for Church Mission Trips

Preparing for a missionary trip can be both stressful and incredibly exciting--especially if it is your first mission trip. As you prepare for your trip by packing, researching the culture you'll be visiting, and getting any necessary vaccinations, don't forget to prepare yourself spiritually. Let God's Word sink in and remind you of the significance of your trip.

Social Media Management Options

When it comes to social media management the volume of options available is amazing. If you're just starting out you may find it easiest to go to each network and manage things there. As your reach and strategy grows you'll quickly find a need for a more robust solution.

How to Improve Video Engagement with a Cross-Platform Strategy

I am a huge fan of survival shows on TV. Who doesn't love Running Wild with Bear Grylls, right? One strategy I have noticed when these folks are trying to catch fish in the wild is how they make a spear. We often think of a single pronged harpoon sharpened to a point, ready to stick an unsuspecting fish. However, making a spear with multiple points gives a greater degree of success. With this type of spear the fisherman can cover more area, have more points to stick, and minimize the chances of missing or deflecting off of the target. We can translate this strategy to how we publish video on the web and social media. Cross-platform video deals with utilizing multiple publishing outlets as part of your communication and video strategy.