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4 Crucial Keys to Effectiveness from Multisite Pioneer, Life.Church

Life.Church is a leader in the multisite church movement, and Kevin Penry has played a key role in developing their strategy as a founding member of the five-person Directional Leadership Team. Kevin oversees all of the operations related to the campus launches and the ongoing ministry at each location. Life.Church is currently the largest church in America, so they must be doing something right. In the article below, we'll take a closer look at how Life.Church got started and dig deep into four crucial keys to their effectiveness.

Megachurch, Megareach [Infographic]

A megachurch is a church that consistently draws more than 2000 people. While not exclusive to the United States, there are about 1600 churches nationwide that fit the profile. While each church is diverse and different, several similarities appear between them. The following infographic looks at some of these commonalities; attendees, campus type and leader.