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How to Engage First-Time Church Visitors on Easter

As a church, you’ve probably seen the crazy spike in your attendance with new, old, and current Easter visitors on Easter Sunday. We’ve gathered the top ways to engage first-time church visitors on Easter.

Transitioning Church Staff to a New ChMS

Church management software can be an incredible tool for supporting ministry efforts. Whether you’re implementing a ChMS for the first time or migrating to a different one, you’ll need to include transitioning church staff to a new ChMS in your to-do list.

Faithlife Acquires Servant Keeper

Faithlife, makers of integrated church technology products including Logos Bible Software, and Servant Keeper, creator of the church management software Servant Keeper, announced today...

Top 20 Church Management Software [Infographic]

Each year, Capterra updates a top 20 software list in a variety of industries. We have been grateful over the years for their attention to this market and find their website very useful in helping churches find the best church management software for their organization. In the past, they have published a "Top 20 Most User-Friendly ChMS infographic" and a "Top 20 Most Affordable ChMS infographic," Capterra is now only updating this one Top 20 Church Management Software list moving forward.

Why Churches Need to Segment Databases

Historically, church databases have been systems that require a lot of manual upkeep. In addition to making sure contact records are up-to-date, they also had to keep track of which members were active with their church, and which ones were not. But in a growing church with multiple campuses and a diverse community, having just two category ‘buckets’ doesn’t provide the level of detail a church needs to effectively communicate with its community. And, it goes without saying that manually tracking churches with hundreds or thousands of members is nearly impossible. The good news is, church databases have become much more sophisticated and able to do much of this tracking and sorting automatically.  

ShelbyNext Church Management Software [Review]

With a multitude of church management software options available, we know it's challenging to evaluate each one. Here's an overview of ShelbyNext Membership to help in your ChMS search.