3 New Crowdfunding Options

For years, churches and non-profits have been looking for ways to raise funds to pay for needed buildings, projects, and missions. While many organizations still use traditional forms of fund raising, tech-savvy young givers are looking for other options. They want the technology they use daily, to connect with the ways they can make a difference. Enter crowdfunding...

4 Crowdfunding Ministry Success Stories

Last month, we shared with you 5 Possible Crowdfunding Solutions for Your Next Church Project specifically designed for crowdsource funding that ministries can leverage. Regardless of your project, whether renovating a part of your church, sending and supporting a missionary to Africa, financing a local outreach ministry, or sending kids to camp, online crowdfunding may have a place in your fundraising process. While it is great to know where these platforms are, it is even better to hear that they truly do work.

5 Possible Crowdfunding Solutions for Your Next Church Project

Every church has some kind of new project in the works, it seems. And of course, most projects only work if you have the money to execute and support them. Whether it is a youth group that is trying to raise money to go to camp, a new addition to the church building that would be used as an overflow room, or helping send a family as missionaries to another country, churches need creative ways to raise the money to send them.