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10 Stellar Church Websites Built With The Church Co Platform

TheChurchCo.com is one church website builder that is popular among churches today due to its clean design options, flexibility in functionality, and low budget requirement.  In this article, we’ll take a look at diverse examples of churches using The Church Co website platform.

5 Tech Tasks Your Church Needs to Quit

Bob Goff founded a law firm, wrote a New York Times best-selling book and serves as the honorary consul for the Republic of Uganda. The guy gets things done. But every Thursday he quits something. We could learn something from Bob. Maybe your church needs to quit: Quit that social media account with three followers. Quit locking up your Wi-Fi with a password. Quit pretending email isn’t important. Whatever your church is struggling with, give yourself permission to quit.

10 Ways to Bolster Your Outreach With QR Codes

Now is the time to take advantage of smartphone and Quick response codes (QR codes). QR codes are a simple yet powerful tool to revolutionize communication and enhance connections within your community.

6 Awesome Church Communication Resources

Communication techniques are constantly changing, especially as technology and social media dictate change on a near-daily basis. Since we often field reader comments and...