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5 Reasons Why People Volunteer For Church Tech Teams On Sundays

If you are a team leader for your ministry and you are trying to recruit more church media team volunteers, understanding the why behind someone's desire to serve at church can be very helpful. Here are 5 reasons why people volunteer for church tech teams on Sundays.

5 Ideas for Growing Your Tech Team This New Year

The first of the year is a great time to start inviting people to join your tech team. The Christmas holiday has passed and the new year is now underway. Take advantage of this time to reflect on the past year and how your technical ministry can move forward in the coming months.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Church Tech Team for the Season

Yup, it’s a busy time of year. I get it. But don’t confuse “being busy” with being productive. And definitely don’t forget to properly prepare your tech team so that they can be productive. Sometimes the most beneficial thing we can do is step away from the hectic schedules and incessant demands for attention, and instead turn our energy to engaging with our fellow team members.

5 Ways to Build Culture Within Church Teams

What is culture? What does a good culture look or feel like? How do you build a good culture? These are all great questions, but they can be hard to answer for most people. A good culture can mean having quality volunteers, happier staff, fewer mistakes in services, and a greater sense of accomplishment. Whether you meant to or not, you’ve helped build a culture for your team. Is it a good one? There are a few key reasons you should focus on intentionally building a positive culture.

4 Ways To Build a Flourishing Volunteer Media Team (and One Way to Destroy it)

Building (or even keeping) a media ministry team in the church is a challenge. For 11 years, I wore many hats in my small church in Kentucky. I was the youth minister for seven years and lead pastor for four. I changed light bulbs, and cleaned bathrooms and floors, all while leading, counseling, and planning. Been there? I know I'm not alone. I was in a paid ministry role at the church. Many of you aren’t. You’re full-time teachers, factory workers, doctors, accountants, parents, and grandparents. You're a volunteer doing everything you can to balance work and home life while serving your local church.


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