Brandon Hadley

Brandon Hadley serves as a MediaShout Customer Care Sales Representative working with thousands of pastors and volunteers across the world. His goal is simply to help them share the gospel more effectively with MediaShout's powerful suite of tools. Brandon has spent 11 years in the ministry starting as a youth pastor then as lead pastor at a small church in Cynthiana, Kentucky. Brandon has also worked as Technical Director at Southland Christian Church, a church of 10,000 people in Lexington, KY. Brandon graduated in 2004 from Johnson University in Knoxville, TN with a Bachelor of Science in Bible and a minor in Media.

4 Ways To Build a Flourishing Volunteer Media Team (and One Way to Destroy it)

Building (or even keeping) a media ministry team in the church is a challenge. For 11 years, I wore many hats in my small church in Kentucky. I was the youth minister for seven years and lead pastor for four. I changed light bulbs, and cleaned bathrooms and floors, all while leading, counseling, and planning. Been there? I know I'm not alone. I was in a paid ministry role at the church. Many of you aren’t. You’re full-time teachers, factory workers, doctors, accountants, parents, and grandparents. You're a volunteer doing everything you can to balance work and home life while serving your local church.

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