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Video vs. Live Teaching: What Multisite Strategy Is Best For You?

Choosing the best teaching model for your church is critical to the successful launch of new campuses—and there are pros and cons to each approach, especially in the areas of financial investment, sustainability, scalability, and leadership development. 

Sound System Considerations for Church Plants

There are a lot of technical details to consider when forming a new church plant. Designing and investing in the right sound system can be one of the most important tech decisions a young church makes.

3 Things Our Church Plant’s Youth Ministry Does Well

After celebrating two years in our church plant, we finally have seven teenagers in our youth group. Our church was started by 30 millennials who wanted to create a new faith community in our town for folks like them—people who didn’t feel safe in a traditional church setting but who desperately wanted to connect with a body of believers on a weekly basis.

Church Planting with Technology, Communication, and Faith

Recently, a friend of mine began to plant a church in a city 700 miles away from his current church where he knew no one. He is either really brave or incredibly oblivious. He has read most of the books, investigated many planting models, and planted a successful church before.

9 Important Technologies for Every Church Plant

Planting a church is hard work. In the early stages, a small group of people handles the brunt of the workload. Sunday set-up, child care, budgets, communications, you name it. Resources may be low, but solutions are still necessary. Thankfully, technology can help ease some of the burdens.