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3 Truths About Why Video Sermons are Better Than Live Teachers

With the rise of multi-campus churches, the question of live or video sermons has been a question at the forefront of this movement. Some churches have multiple pastors preaching at different campuses. Some churches have one pastor that travels to each campus to preach. But others have one pastor that preaches at one location and a recording is fed via video to the other campuses. The debate still rumbles regarding what is best. But whether we like it or not, video venues are here and they are here to stay.

7 Reasons NOT to Become a Multisite Church

When I launched the first video-based satellite campus of Willow Creek in 2001 the primary question was, “Can this work?” Hundreds of multisite churches later, the question has shifted to, “Should my church go multisite?” What started out as a “Band-Aid” for space and zoning problems of megachurches has developed into a viable option for every local church regardless of size. Multisite is no longer a question of feasibility for a church, but more of a question of strategy, “Is it right for my church?”