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5 Myths About Small Church Live Streaming

In the church tech world, live streaming is still relatively new and many churches are on the fence about it. In this article, we’ll walk you through five myths about church live streaming so you can decide if it’s right for your church.

Beat the Church Live Streaming Software Blues

We hear from lots of people who’ve chosen a software encoder for their church live streaming solution.  They tell us it's complicated and unreliable. Unanticipated problems can quickly change your joyful noise into frustration with a stream that’s dropping frames and frozen software. In the end, a dedicated hardware encoder can solve many of the problems encountered with software encoders and simplify church live streaming for volunteers. Here's how to avoid the software encoder blues.

10 Church Live Streaming Providers to Consider

Over the past couple years, ChurchTechToday has covered the topic of live streaming church services a number of times and from different angle. It seems that churches all over the world are interested in find out more about the relatively new practice of streaming one's services live via video over the internet. There are many reasons churches intend to reach people via live streaming: for the elderly who cannot physically attend services to missionaries out of the country, for people with Sunday work schedules, and for people interested in pursuing God but are afraid to step foot in a church.