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Improve Your Church Sound by Easter

Easter is just around the corner. This is one of the most important seasons for churches and a time when members, guests, and visitors especially look forward to enjoying the comforting and lively holiday music. It is extremely important that the church sound system is at its best at Easter.

4 Virtual Soundcheck Tools

One of the most important steps in creating a good sounding mix before a service or performance is to do a thorough sound check. And one of the best ways to practice for live mixing is to use a virtual sound check system. Early virtual sound check tools were very technical and difficult to setup or use. Today it is very common to see virtual sound check tools built into a digital mixing console or easily integrated with software on a computer.

Sound Beyond the Sanctuary

When discussing church sound, most of the focus is on the sound system components and technology used in the sanctuary or primary worship center. However, there are several other areas in the church that should be considered when planning or upgrading a church sound system.

6 Steps to Soundcheck Success

Creating a thorough soundcheck process is one of the best ways ensure that a consistent audio mix is achieved at church each week. There are different ways to approach a soundcheck, but the end result should always be quality sound from the stage to the main loudspeakers, a good monitor mix for each musician and vocalist, and a sound tech that is prepared to mix the live event.

Turn Your Unused Worship Gear Into a Blessing

Your new lights are shining bright, your new sound board is installed, and your now worship looks and sounds amazing. Now the only question that remains is what to do with the gear you just replaced. The last thing any church wants is to have unused equipment collecting dust in a closet. Here are a few options that can help your church save space and potentially be a blessing to other churches:

Church Sound Survival Kit

Running sound for church can be a dynamic and fast-paced endeavor--and, because it’s live “production,” anything can and does happen, normally when you least...

Church Sound and EQ: The Most Important Sound Effect

There is one audio effect that is absolutely CRUCIAL for getting your sound to actually sound great. The funny thing is that most people don't even really think of it as an effect at all. That's why I like to call it "salt and pepper for your sound." Salt and pepper aren't necessarily considered spices, but you sure do notice it when they aren't in the mix.