The internet Cloud has become a part of everyday life, even within the four walls of the Church. Wi-fi internet has become something we depend on whether we’re at Starbucks, McDonald’s, or church. Ever leave your Bible at home only to find that your church’s wi-fi isn’t strong enough to allow you to open YouVersion and read along with the pastor? Ever attempt to take notes in Evernote but find your signal isn’t strong enough to sync with the Cloud and pull up last week’s notes as a reference. I too have felt your pain. Today’s infographic unpacks “Life in the Cloud” and gives vaulable reasons how the cloud can be harnessed to improve just about everything.

For churches who rely on, or aim to rely on Cloud internet for church business, it’s mandatory to have a solution in place to handle the volume of bandwidth and needs of your organization.

The infographic below was provided by SingleHop, provider of Cloud Hosting. Check out their solutions if your church needs a “boost” in its cloud!