Tom Kline

Since 2008, Tom has helped churches thrive with technology and best-practice. He's passionate about how software can equip churches to dramatically impact their community. He's also passionate about his wife and three children, Frisbee Golf, and Grilled Cheese sandwiches. Tom currently serves as the Client Experience Director for Elexio, a Ministry Brands company.

Step-by-Step Guide to Coordinate Easter Church Volunteers

Without the help of generous volunteers, major church events like Easter and Christmas services wouldn’t happen. Volunteers selflessly give their time and hearts by making new visitors feel welcome, teaching in children’s church, running your sound booth, and more.

4 Reasons Your Church Software Needs Integrated Giving

Chances are the number of church software options on the market today makes you dizzy. Comparing solutions can feel overwhelming. If you’re unhappy with your current software, the idea of learning to use a new one  — and migrating data — can be so daunting that you resolve to just stick it out with what you’ve got. 

3 Ways Your ChMS Can Drive Ministry Results

Do you think of your church management software as a necessary evil? While working with a database may sometimes feel like a distraction from the work of ministry, a robust church management system (ChMS) is a powerful tool. It is intended to support your team as you accomplish your church’s established goals: connecting people to Christ and helping them grow in their faith.

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