Scott Goodger

Scott is a former FellowshipOne customer, Worship Leader, and IT Director. He joined FellowshipOne in 2011 and has worked with hundreds of churches around the country, implementing FellowshipOne and consulting with them on business processes and best practices. He is now the General Manager for FellowshipOne, serves weekly in his home church, and loves spending time with his family in the Dallas, TX area.

4 Reasons to Use Church Management Software

Thanks to Covid-19, 2020 was perhaps the most challenging time period for churches. This next year could be the year to turn things around. There’s no better way to start fresh than by implementing a fully integrated church management software (ChMS) solution.

Retain Church Members With Church Management Software

You may not realize it, but your church management software (ChMS) plays a significant role in retaining (and reclaiming) church members. How you manage ministry matters whether you’re engaging people to continue worshiping at your church or encouraging disengaged members to return. Why? Because church management solutions keep information and processes organized—and churchgoers notice when things aren’t running smoothly!

4 Ways to Plan Ahead With Your ChMS

A new year, new vision, and new initiatives. There’s no better time than now to start planning for all the Lord has placed on your heart for your ministry. As you plan, your Church Management Software (ChMS) is your best friend.

4 Reasons QuickBooks Isn't Enough for Churches

QuickBooks is a marketing leader for small business finances. Churches often gravitate to this option because it's recommended by other nonprofits. But because of most church's unique financial management needs, QuickBooks is rarely the optimal choice.

4 Ways to Welcome and Follow-Up With First-Time Guests

Welcoming and connecting first-time guests to church is essential if you want to grow your ministry. According to Pew Research Center, 79% of people said feeling welcomed played an important role in choosing a new place of worship.

5 Steps to Prepare for Natural Disasters

Natural disasters happen. Being prepared for disasters requires proactive leadership from the pastor and church leadership. Here are five crucial tips your church can take to maximize effectiveness and minimize problems before, during, and after an emergency situation.

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