Phil Bowdle

Phil Bowdle is the Creative Arts Pastor at West Ridge Church in Atlanta, GA. You can connect with Phil on Twitter (@philbowdle) and follow along with his blog at for practical resources on church communications.

7 Essential Church Communication Systems

I have a love-hate relationship with systems. I love when systems are in place to save time and help things run efficiently. I hate when systems get in the way and cause unnecessary complexity. When I began my role as communications director at West Ridge Church, one of the biggest mistakes I made during the first year was not investing the necessary time to bring clarity to essential systems that would help me, my team, and my church communicate effectively. It took months of living in survival mode for me to finally hit a breaking point and put systems in place. What I discovered is that creating margin for myself to create and implement sustainable systems was never going to be the most urgent thing on my to-do list; but it was the most important.

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