Olu Brown

Olu Brown is the Founding Leader of Impact Church, a young congregation in the East Point community of Metropolitan Atlanta, GA. With Olu’s vision and leadership, since its founding in 2007, Impact has grown from a core team of 25 people to more than 1,800 attendees each Sunday with a $2M budget, making it the fastest growing United Methodist Church (UMC) and new church start in the United States. To learn more about using technology to help spread the gospel, listen to the Smart Church Podcast, hosted by Olu. Olu blogs at http://olubrown.org/

9 Ways Technology Can Help Spread the Gospel

Many church leaders and members feel nostalgia for traditional methods of worship. This is understandable, except that it often leads them to reject new technology which could possibly encourage young members to embrace the church in greater numbers.

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